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Reducing Plastic Packaging - The Complete Solution

Kingston Carton can now offer 'The Complete Solution' when it comes to moving away from plastic packaging, Not only can we offer the outer sleeve or carton in a fully sustainable material we can now offer the same for the food trays as well.

The recyclable food tray is made from paperboard from sustainable sources and is a strong and durable alternative to CPet and Aluminium trays. These environmentally friendly, freezer to oven trays are available in various shapes and sizes and are suitable for all food types, especially pre-prepared dishes such as ready meals or take away deli foods.

  • Freezable down to -40c.
  • Ovenable up to 220c (industrial, domestic or microwave).
  • Direct food contact approved.
  • High Grease resistance.
  • Widely recycled.

Sealable film lidding can now also be offered as Cellulose, derived from wood pulp or Polylactic film, derived from starch products such as cassava or corn starch.

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